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"Organic Superfood", "Organic Chocolate" is Driedfoods Peru

"Organic Superfood", "Organic Chocolate" is Driedfoods Peru

we have been dedicated to the cultivation, processing and marketing of ancient superfoods Amazonian and Andean biodiversity since 2008. We develop our farming and processing different ecological zones of Peru, where we work integrated with small farmers, who have kept the hereditary crops and they regard as their main source of income, and form the basis of traditional food system.

Dried Foods Peru is a manufacturer of customized high quality cocoa products. manufacturing operations start at raw cocoa beans imported from cocoa producing nations and ends at the delivery of cocoa products such as cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, and cocoa powders to the confectionery industries domestically and internationally.

Dried Foods Peru has been in operation since 2008 delivering cocoa products to the market. Over the years, Driedfoods Peru Sac has delivered tens of thousands of metric tons of product into the chocolate, cookie, baking, pharmaceutical, flavoring and other such industry segments. These achievements have given an extensive know-how in manufacturing and delivering cocoa products.


Driedfoods Peru, Organic Peruvian Superfoods and Peruvian Chocolate

Offer our clients Organic Peruvian superfoods, framed within the environmental responsible gestion,Rainforest Foods, Raw Organic cacao Nibs, Organic cacao Roasted, Organic Cacao Powder and derivatives of cacao, Organic Superfoods Powder, Organic Lucuma Powder, Organic Maca Powder, Maca Black Powder, Maca Red Powder,Organic Camu Camu Powder (Peruvian Berry), Organic Goldenberries, that came from the rural communities along the coast, highlands and jungle, thru the process and comercialization in the local and international market, giving benefits to the people’s health and improving the life quality of the peruvian agriculturists.

The best chocolate in the world is made from Peruvian Cacao.

Being the company leader in production of Organic Chocolate Snacks and Organic Superfoods Powder , transformation and comercialization of organic Superfoods from the native biodiversity, between the international and national context, thru the innovation and integer sustainable management, creating benefits for our partners, colaborators, producers and consumers.

  • • Trustworthiness
  • • Sustainability
  • • Competitiveness and Efficiency
  • • Innovation
  • • Commitment

Our Social Responsibility activities include:

  • Associative Strengthening
  • Child-Free Labor
  • Social & Cultural Activities , Rainforest Foods
  • Organic Rainforest
  • More than 7 years of experience maintaining the highest quality standards in the whole process, in order to provide a good product.

    Dried Foods Peru is a manufacturer of organic superfoods products, the main line is organic cacao, for the benefits of Peruvian Cacao, Organic Nibs , cocoa organic pasta and organic chocolates, we work with high quality personalized Peruvian Cacao. Manufacturing operations begin in raw Cacao Beans harvested from Cacao producing areas and end in the delivery of Cacao products such as Cacao Nibs, cocoa liquor, for the benefits of Peruvian Cacao.

    The second main product is the Organic camu camu powder, the camu camu integral organic powder, from the jungle of Peru, the organic camu camu is one of the best antioxidants.



    Each of our processes has received organic certification: from the field to the processing in our facilities and the commercialization of each of our products. Our employees are trained regarding organic regulations and we have a technical assistant team in our facilities as well as in the fields for the approval of our processes under Peruvian regulations. Our facilities' equipment ensures the safety and quality of our processes.


    We ensure the safety and quality of our processes by implementing Good Manufacturing Practices towards the achievement of the HACCP Certification (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). Both certifications are certified by KIWA International. With these, we guarantee the quality of each one of our products as well as our processes, with qualified and trained personnel.


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