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Aguaje known as Buriti in Peru is grown on a tree called the Mauritia Flexuosa, also known as the moriche palm. Aguaje is an oval-shaped fruit no larger than the average fig. It is an elegant tree which can reach up to 35 metres in height.

It is known that it contains considerable quantities of “phyto-hormones”. These are naturally occurring compounds that mimic the female hormones such as "oestrogen" in the human body. This means that consuming Aguaje can gently and naturally supplement these hormones and provide hormone support to women who are undergoing menaupause.

This fruit carries many other benefits; it has roughly 5 times as much beta-carotene (which the body then converts to Vitamin A) as carrots, which helps maintain healthy bones, soft tissues, mucous membranes (our immune system) as well as good eyesight. Aguaje is also high in vitamin C and vitamin E, which nourishes skin.

In addition to these benefits, Aguaje also has a natural anti-inflammatory reaction that can tame redness and calm skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. It is also deeply hydrating, and can help reduce the dryness of winter and mature skin, producing a suppler, softer look and feel..


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