Cocoa Derivatives

Our cocoa beans are processed into high quality products.

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Super Foods

Contain an immense variety of properties whose contribute to health.

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we have been dedicated to the cultivation, processing and marketing of ancient superfoods Amazonian and Andean biodiversity since 2005. We develop our farming and processing different ecological zones of Peru, where we work integrated with small farmers, who have kept the hereditary crops and they regard as their main source of income, and form the basis of traditional food system.

Dried Foods Peru is a manufacturer of customized high quality cocoa products. manufacturing operations start at raw cocoa beans imported from cocoa producing nations and ends at the delivery of cocoa products such as cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, and cocoa powders to the confectionery industries domestically and internationally.

Dried Foods Peru has been in operation since 2008 delivering cocoa products to the market. Over the years, Driedfoods Peru Sac has delivered tens of thousands of metric tons of product into the chocolate, cookie, baking, pharmaceutical, flavoring and other such industry segments. These achievements have given an extensive know-how in manufacturing and delivering cocoa products.