Tara Protein

Tara Protein

Tara Protein, Caesalpinia Spinosa, known as Tara, is a legume native to the Peruvian highlands. Our organic tara protein powder is obtained by grinding the germ of the tara seed, resulting in the only purified tara product for human consumption on the market. Tara protein powder is vegan, high in protein and full of fiber.


Builds and repairs muscle: This makes it a great addition to any food or beverage intended to boost post-workout recovery.

Controls weight: The combination of protein and fiber helps kick-start the metabolism helping to burn excess fat and promote weight loss. This fiber-rich vegetable protein helps regulate the transit of food through the digestive system promoting healthy and regular bowel function.

Suggested Use

For a protein boost, add to smoothies.

A single serving of Tara Protein Powder contains 0.32 ounces of dietary fiber, which equals 36% of the recommended daily intake.


  • Organic Tara Powder
  • No additives, gluten free, non-GMO, vegan


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