– How do we make it happen?

Peruvian cacao that leaves you enchated.

Dried Foods Peru was created out of the inspiration for healthing eating through organic products, especially superfoods. With effort, we started our operations in 2013 working directly with farmers in Junin and Cajamarca. We realized that the internacional market was demanding and betting on foods such as: Camu-Camu and Maca for all its benefits. Throughout these years, we have been innovating our products, as a result specializing in cocoa superfoods due to the versatility of this amazing fruit without leaving aside our concern for the enviroment and our biodiversity, for this reason our cocoa is extracted in a sustainable way, using methods that recreate natural conditions such as forests for the growth of this fruit, making more flora and fauna can develop easily without damaging our vast biodiversity. “Ambition is the road to success, but there is no human force more powerful than the will to help achieve it.”


We specialize in sustainable cocoa superfoods with our associated farmers from Ucayali to promote biotrade biodiversity to satisfy and encourage a healthy lifestyle to our customers, contributing to improve the quality of life of all involved in the process.


To become an influential company in the cocoa superfoods sector covering diverse markets, achieving international recognition from our customers; demostrating transparency, responsibility and respect towars our value chain and enviroment in constant innovation.


“A successful man, is a man full of courage.”

  • Transparency.
  • Responsability.
  • Respect.
  • Social Responsibility.

Driedfoods Peru is not just a place to work, we are more than that, we are a family.


We focus on organic food, acting with social and enviromental responsability providing a better quality of life to our farmers association due to a direct and personalized treatment with them, achieving a product that cumplies:

  • Quality standars.
  • Enviromental awareness that avoids damage to the enviroment and more fertile soil.
  • Food with more nutrients.
  • We guarantee food free of artificial flavors.
  • Promote high biodiversity.

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